FerryONE - MTCC - Maldives

FerryONE - MTCC - Maldives

Smart Cards - SDK - Smart Card Readers - Smart card programming - Smart card systems

Smart Cards - SDK - Smart Card Readers - Smart card programming - Smart card systems

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company - Maldives

MTCC is local company engaged in transportation of people and vehicles by ferries connecting neighbouring islands. It is an absolutely essential service since Maldives are located in Indian Ocean and consist of 26 atolls. Every day tens of thousands of islanders and tourists board MTCC ferries and travel between the islands. MTCC decided to abandon paper tickets and introduce solution based on contactless smart cards.

Several entrances to the ferry port shall be controlled by automated turnstiles and vehicle gate by attendant using portable smart card terminal. Tens of thousands smart cards shall be distributed on islands with pre-loaded monetary value.

Smart cards are used all over the world as fast, efficient and modern electronic ticketing solution. Operator shall enjoy countless benefits related to electronic transactions, reporting, speeding up processes and movement of passengers.

FerryONE solution was installed on third week of August 2013. Same kind of system was installed in capitol Male and neighbouring port of Hulhumale. Both ports received Boon Edam turnstiles with 2 lanes each. Proximity to the ocean required a stainless steel turnstiles resistive to salt water environment.

Each port has a ticket booths with 2 sales PC desks for selling and re-charging existing smart tickets. Our system design was planned for automated passengers entry using turnstiles and also side gates for people on motorcycles or bycicles. There MTCC deployed attendants with portable, ruggedized computers to scan the smart tickets.

On of the smart ticket designs

Usage of portable computers allows operator to simply deploy smart ticketing wherever they find need. That means express routes, like airport fast ferry or out of schedule runs can be covered with smart ticketing.

Initial order of 30000 smart cards was delivered to Maldives in last days of August. MTCC sales department made significant effort and managed to sell back side of the cards to various advertisers. Cards came out beautifully and advertiser''s message will find it''s way to 30000 of passenger''s pockets:

We believe that operator effort will not stop there but after getting MTCC smart card into every person''s wallet they will look into other venues to grow business. Natural choice would be busses and taxi cabs. It will be an easy sell. There will be at least 30000 people with their cards, familiar with concept and usage of smart chip cards. Users will sure welcome ability to use cards in more places paying for goods and services.

Side entrance to ferries. Vehicles and motorcycles use this gate

Passenger waiting area in the port of Male

Rush hour in port of Male

MTCC paper ticket sales - before

MTCC and Almex crew working side by side on turnstiles

New MTCC state of art turnstiles controlled by smart cards

MTCC crew getting training on new equipment

Details of FerryONE interface being explained

We predict bright future for Dhathuru Cards!

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