Health and Fitness Blog » Fat Loss 4 Idiots Follow-up  Is It Hype, Fad or Clear Fat Loss 4 Idiots Scam Dwells

Health and Fitness Blog » Fat Loss 4 Idiots Follow-up Is It Hype, Fad or Clear Fat Loss 4 Idiots Scam Dwells

July 16, 2009Fat Loss 4 Idiots Follow-up Is It Hype, Fad or Clear Fat Loss 4 Idiots Scam Dwells

Over the days Ive acquired and lost 100 of pounds, Im a chronic dieter who has trouble staying to a diet, and suppose what? Im not alone and I have a lot of company, particularly here in America, but around the world also.

I bumbled crosswise the Fat Loss 4 Idiots page by chance event, the graphics caught my eye and I definite fat loss 4 idiots scam to look at a little wider. Now let me be true; I fully due this to be just opposite hype filled offer, one I seen (in one form or another) centuries of time. So with that disbelief in full force I faced the site over. Before I get down the meat and potatoes (excuse the pun) let me tell you that I love food, so when I saw the been quote

FOOD is more powerful than any prescription weight down departure pills, because the FOOD that you eat can either make you THIN or FAT. You dont get paid because of a lack of exercising, thats a myth. You get fat because you dont eat the right solid foods at the right intervals each day.

It did cause me to sit up and take notice. I was plump at the time, involving to lose (at least) 25 pounds. My design was to go on a low calorie dieting

The next quote that seized me was

So what am I going to do then I love food, but low calories diets dont work I was in a really muddle (opps.. another pun). Well they extended on to explain something that I already knew, but hadnt considered about; when you deprive your body of calories it goes into survival mode and instead of giving up the weight (one can only dream) it hangs on smaller to every apothecaries ounce of food burning less gram calories per day. Well that wasnt going to do me any working, I taken to burn gram calories, not store them as fat.

Well it seems that everything I was going ready to do this lousy little book said wouldnt work.

Low Fats Diets Do Not Work

And here everytime I go shopping I try to buy low fat milk, butter, lean cuts of beef, low fat all the way Was I wrong again? It seems I was as system of weights loss statistics prove it out, gross people (and I speaking for myself) bribe low fat food, mainly so they can feel good about what they are eating, feeding, feeding. Yep, they merely eat more low fat intellectual nourishment and extend to gain weight. Surely there had to be a way to ear right, lose angle and not feel bare.

Speaking of low, Id tried some of the low carb diets and my friends leaded off not giving my calls. Seems my mode had varied and I was winning it out on them. Okay, I required a change, Ill admit it and I was at to the lowest degree open to the possibility of what the creators of Fat Going For Half-wit had to say. And say it they did.

They told me that if Id stick with their plan for 11 days, I fired not only lose weight down, but feel ameliorate and begin releasing fat burning hormones. Now that sounded pretty neat and I remained to read, it leaved be special indeed if I could eat, and the solid food itself did the job of weight loss; maybe this wasnt hype after all. Matter of fact these culinary experts (see I like them now) said me Id be taking more overmuch than three times per day not less! This I liked and then I determined that food is not the enemy.

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